8th District lawmakers announce more than $49 million in 8th District-funded projects

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CONTACT: Daniel McDonald, Public Information Officer for Rep. April Connors | 360-786-7182
Kelley Payne, Senior Public Information Officer for Rep. Stephanie Barnard | 360-786-7761

8th District lawmakers announce more than $49 million in 8th District-funded projects

With the unanimous approval of the 2024 supplemental capital budget, Sen. Matt BoehnkeRep. Stephanie Barnard, and Rep. April Connors announced that more than $49 million in 8th District-funded projects were included in the statewide spending plan. 2ESSB 5949 was unanimously approved by the House on Wednesday.

In addition to their focus on the 8th District, Boehnke, Barnard and Connors contributed significantly to projects in the neighboring 15th and 16th districts, securing an additional $53.6 million in regional allocations. These projects underscore their commitment to shared community efforts.

Boehnke, R-Kennewick, was proud to work alongside his 8th district counterparts:

“We worked hard to formulate a solid and achievable budget request for the 8th district.  The approved funding includes money to support the Port of Benton’s conversion to zero emissions equipment, and funding to bolster emergency communication capabilities for first responders in Benton and Franklin Counties. These funds reinforce our ability to mitigate risks, help better protect our residents, and are essential to ensuring safety and security in our community.”

BarnardR-Pasco, expressed her excitement about the outcome of the completed budget, emphasizing the collaborative process behind its creation:

“This was truly a team effort. I’m thrilled about this budget’s positive impact on our district. It includes funding for key community projects, such as Energy Northwest’s SMR development. Additionally, these funds will support important projects to enhance residents’ quality of life and contribute to our region’s long-term prosperity. I am grateful for the opportunity to advocate for these projects and deliver results to the people we represent.”

Connors, R-Kennewick, was pleased with the accomplishments of the 8th District team, and looked forward to the positive benefits these resources would provide, stating:

“I am proud of what our 8th District team was able to secure in this bipartisan construction budget. These investments will create jobs, provide economic opportunity, and support the long-term prosperity of the Tri-Cities region — greatly benefiting our community for years to come. I am particularly thrilled with the large financial commitment the state is making to the Tri-Tech Skills Center.”

Projects in the 8th, 15th, and 16th districts include:

8th District

  • Emergency Communications Radio Microwave: $235,000
  • Port of Benton Inland: $240,000
  • Renovations for Children’s Developmental Center: $174,000
  • HAPO Community Center: $3 million
  • Tri-Tech Skills Center: $45.496 million

16th District

  • Columbia Valley Center for Recovery: $1.5 million
  • Pasco Agricultural Symbiosis Industrial Park: $150,000

15th District

  • Energy Northwest: $25 million

The final 2024 supplemental capital budget allocates a total of $1.33 billion, including $130.6 million in bonds. The plan makes significant investments throughout the state in K-12 school construction, behavioral health and substance abuse treatment facilities, and early learning facilities, leaving $547,000 in remaining bond capacity.

For a complete list of 8th District projects included in the capital budget, click here.
To review budget documents, click here.


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