Rep. April Connors’ anti-light pollution measure signed into law

A bill by Rep. April Connors to restrict light pollution from wind turbines was signed into law earlier today by Gov. Inslee.

Wind turbines are equipped with blinking red lights as a safety measure for nearby aircraft traveling at night. While the lights serve as an important safety function, they can also be an eyesore for local residents and cause light pollution.

House Bill 1173 will require warning lights on wind turbines to turn on automatically only when needed by aircraft.

“It’s great to see House Bill 1173 become law,” said Connors, R-Kennewick. “Soon, wind turbines will have to turn the lights off in Washington state, proving that dark skies can be safe skies.”

The governor vetoed sections 3 and 9 of the bill. Section 3 would have granted counties additional local control measures and Section 9 would have given the bill an immediate effective date; instead, the new law will now go into effect on July 23, 2023.

“While I was disappointed to see the partial vetoes, the heart of the bill is still intact,” added Connors.

The measure passed the House 94-1 and the Senate 48-1. The House voted 95-1 to concur with the version of the bill amended in the Senate.

House Bill 1173 is the freshman lawmaker’s second bill to become law after House Bill 1070 – her legislation improving home leaseback agreement rules – was signed on April 6.


Washington State House Republican Communications