Statement from Rep. April Connors on so-called ‘assault weapons’ ban

Eighth District Rep. April Connors, R-Kennewick, released the following statement after the Washington State House of Representatives voted 55-42 on Wednesday night to pass House Bill 1240, a proposal by the state attorney general that would outlaw the manufacture, importation, distribution, sale, or offer for sale of any so-called “assault weapon.”

“The right to keep and bear arms has always been a cornerstone in our American way of life. Firearms are essential to protecting ourselves and our loved ones.  

“I come from a family of hunters. I am also the proud mother of two high school students who enjoy competitive shooting. I've seen, first-hand, the positive benefits this sport has on our young athletes.

“House Bill 1240 is not only an attack on our way of life – it's unconstitutional and it will make it more difficult for law-abiding Washingtonians to protect their families, hunt, and engage in shooting sports. What it will not do is make us any safer.”   

Members of the House Republican Caucus proposed more than a dozen amendments to the bill, including Amendment 354 aimed at correcting misinformation about firearms in the intent section. No amendments were adopted by the majority party.


Washington State House Republican Communications